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Sports Facilities: The College has its own playground where students can play various games like volleyball, badminton and undertake athletic events. In addition there is provision of indoor games like carom, Chess sports room.

Hostel Facility

The college has the facility of well maintained hostel separately for Boys & Girls students in the college campus itself. The hostel rooms are a well ventilated with separate study table, lockable alirah, neat and clean comfortable beds with mattresses and separate toiled wings for boys and girls. The Hostel has 24 hours water supply and poor back-up. The admission to the hostel shall be3 purely on the basis of merit.

Rules for Hostel

1. Nobody except the visitors approved by the parents is allowed to meet the border.
2. No border can enter the hostel during the college hours.
3. No guest is allowed to put up with the hosteller.
4. Borders will go out of the campus only with the prior permission of principal/Warden.
5. Mess bills are to be paid on or before 7 th of every month otherwise a line of Rs.5.00 per day will be charged extra.

Canteen Facility

Canteen facility is available and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on subsidized rates. It has good sitting capacity with fresh quality stuff. Students can also enjoy the tea, light snacks which shall be made available on payment, but during the restricted hours only.
Hours Examination
1. Two compulsory house tests, in addition to the monthly tests will be held during the year.
2. Absentees will be fined Rs.100 for every year.
3.If a student absents him/ herself from any of the house test conducted by the college for purpose of internal assessment or fails in the house tests the principal shall have the authority to withheld or withdraw his/her name from the university examination.
4. Students must extend full cooperation to the supervisory staff. Any student found guilty of using unfair means during the examination will be punished according to the seriousness of the offence.
5. Any candidate found guilty of unfair means in the university examination will not be entitled to get character certificate. In such situation he/she will lose the right to be awarded with character certificate.
6. Although progress reports embodying the result of house examinations are forwarded to the parents/ guardians by the college office. It is the responsibility of every student to bring his/her result to the notice of his/her parents /guardians.

Authority and Ethics

1. The Authority of the college extends over every student on its rolls, at all times and in all places.
2. All students should be modest neat and tidy in dress avoiding expensive clothes and exaggerated fashions.
3. Students should be regular in attendance and punctual at all functions. They should be in their seats before the lecturer enter into the classroom.
4. Students should comes prepared and with heir assignment completed. In the class they should be attentive and co-operatives.
5. Students are expected to be co-operative with the college authorities in maintaining its high standard of cleanliness and order.
6. Visitors are not allowed to go to the classroom.
7. Every student is expected to carry the identity card with him/her.
Period of study
The B.E.d course extends over one year. The minimum attendance required by university is 180 teaching days.
Dress Code
Immediately after joining the college, the students will be given the sample of the uniform to be prepared within ten days. Every student will be required to follow the dress code strictly. The uniform is to be worn on every working day and on all college function/celebrations as well as during the teaching practice Conduct Rules
1. Students will be required to confirm to the rules and regulations of the college which may be issued from time to time.They are expected to maintain discipline, a proper standard of personal conduct in and outside the college.
2. Anti- Ragging Cell: Ragging in any form is not permitted in the college campus including Hostels and college buses. If any student violent the order in force,he/she will be dealt with as per the prohibition of Ragging bill 2009.If the applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he/she had indulged in ragging admission may be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the institution and fess paid will not be refunded to the student. It is mandatory for every student and parent/guardian to sign a combined undertaking in the prescribed format as per Anti- Ragging Law. An Anti- ragging cell is functioning in the college under the control of the principal and is guided by the district collector and deputy Superintendent of Police, Una.
In case of any such ragging activity and the students are advised to contact directly with the following officials:
(a)Vice-Chancellor, H.P.University Ph.No.0177-2831363
(B) Registrar, H.P.University Ph.No. 0177-2830912
(c)Dr.Kul Bhushan Sharma (Principal) Mob. +91-9805348156
3. Students admitted to the college will not be allowed to study from any examination other than B.E.d.
4. Every candidate admitted must satisfy the principal that the circumstances of his/her family are not likely to interfere with his/her studies during the period of training courses
5. If in service, a student must produce a relieving certificate from her employers.
6. Minimum attendance in accordance with the HP university/NCTE Rules is compulsory in each course in order to be eligible for the university Examination.
7. Taking drugs/ Liquor, smoking is strictly / prohibited in the college premises.
8. Continous absence from the college without permission for a period exceeding 10 days shall entail striking of the name from the rolls. 9. Fine will be charged for any absence from the college as decided by the principal.
10. House Examination is compulsory. Anybody absenting from House Examination will be detained from annual examination.
11. Cell phone is strictly prohibited in the college campus