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Our source of inspiration
Founder & ex- chairman
Late S. Balbir singh Panersar

Establishment of the college

The college has been set up by ("Jupiter education and welfare trust") headed by its founder & ex chairman,Late S. Balbir singh Panersar- Managing director of Leading Construction Company, based in Delhi. He was very religious minded person and has been staunched devotee of " Dear Baba Badbhag singh" he has been visiting The dera Sahib for a very long time nearly half a decade. He came in contact with local resident's who felt the great need to set up educational institute foe upliftment of rural masses through education. The persistent Desire of the people encouraged Sh. Balbir singh to set up Educational institute in this serene but remote area .
Being a poor background he could not have formal education, then he felt that upliftment of rural children can only be brought up through education producing qualified and dedicated Teachers.
Thus Jupiter education & welfare trust was formed with sole objective of setting up educational institute for B.Ed Course and " Jupiter college of education" was established.

Education is most powerful weapon to change the world.

Recognition/ Affiliation

Jupiter college of education is a self- financing college of education for conducting B. Ed course recognized by "The government of himachal Pradesh" and Department of higher education vide letter no F. NRC/ NCTE/F-7/ hp 214/2008/38898-905 dated 12 february 2008 And the college is also affiliated

To the Himachal Pradesh university.Shimla.

Location of the College

The college Is situated At V.P.O. Miari on road going to charan ganga at a distance of 200mtrs from gurudwara road. It has serene beautiful lush green valley in the background.

About the college

Jupiter college of college is the first college in the distt. Una pursuing the quality and excellence in higher education.

It is housed in a very beautiful state of the art constructing building with two basement floor and three stories which includes Principal office staff room, Reception, Cash Counter, Well Furnished library, well equipped laboratories with latest technology.Well equipped computer lab With Internet facility & LAN office rooms. A play Ground Separate Area, Hostel facility for Boys and Girls, a Multipurpose Hall, Common Room & Gymnasium.

The college offers transportation from Nehrian to the college. Also Nehrian is very well connected by state bus, transport & private taxes playing from Amb.

Number of seats

The college is permitted for intake of 100B.Ed. students as co-educational institution. Stream wise numbers of seats as follows:


Sr no. Group Seats
(a) Medical 30
(b) Non medical 30
(c) Arts 40
Total 100

15% of the total seats are reserved for other states. 10% Seats are Reserved for management Quota. College follows the reservation roaster Recommended by H.P.U. Shimla.

Jupiter Education & welfare Trust

The College is proud of being a very good (B.Ed.) College of education of Distt. Una In Himachal Pradesh. This college is being run by Jupiter Education & Welfare Trust. The college is having the following vision Mission, Objectives and values.


Our vision is to impact holistic education to the student teachers for their academic excellence and inculcating National And Human Values in them Academic Co- curical and socially Meaningful Activites.


To impart Quality Education to the students based on state of the art and ainnovative teaching practices, preparing them to excel in face of all challenges in their professional life.


1. To Prepare distinctive professional educators who are socially involved. Technically capable, who engage in their continous professional aim according to the values, needs of the society and the criteria o academic accreditation.
2. To conduct distinguished research that will contribute to knowledge accumulation, advance professional practices, support educational re- efforts, meed the need of the educational field and the challenges of social and economic development.
3. To develop the society through contributiong in various initiative such as the search, training and consultation programs within the framework of strategic, partnership with other local and global institution.

Our core values

In active, avital partnership of its founders,members of staff, students, society and all that it does. The Jupiter college of education will be guided in all work by the following values.

1. communication, Trust and respect: We value mutual trust and respect and encourage open communication within the Jupiter college family.
2. Life long learning: We recognized learning as a continuos process. Commitment to student Success: we are commited to provide the finest instructions. Resources and support services to enhance the growth and development of our students.
3. Commitment to students success: We are committed to provide the finest instruction, resources and support services to enhance the growth and development of our students.
4. Decentralizes and democratic Decision making: we value
5. Cooperation: We value teamwork
6. Service : we value service to students, the society and one another.
7. Instructional innovation : we encourage the highest quqlity instructional programs, using te best of current and emerging instructional method technology.

Salient features

Morning assembly : In the morning assembly the staff and students get together to pray the God before starting day's work. Here both (teachers& students) get an opportunity to share their views on various topics related to education, morality, current issues etc.presense of all students and faculty members of te college is compulsory.

Societies and club: students are categorized various groups and houses for carrying out curricular and co – curricular activities such as micro teaching debates, declamation contents and quiz competition etc. Cultural activities: Prespective teachers are encouraged to organize, manage and participate in cultural activities. These activities help to develop various aspect of personality and to promote our culture.

Guest lectures: Guest lectures of experts in various field are organized by college to acquaint the students with latest development in the field of education. Seminars: seminars are organized in order to facilities interaction of students (educational experts, members of staff and among themselves) such seminars provide opportunity of the students to prove their oratory skills of students. The theme of seminars is always contemporary and innovative.

Audio-visual aids : the college has good stock of readymade teaching aids from where prospective teachers get guidelines and inspiration to prepare the same for their use in classroom.

First aid: first and facilities are available in the college. However, in case of any eventuality there is civil hospitals in the vicinity of the college where one can avail medical help.

Educational tour : college organizes educational tour